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Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*

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August is over... [Aug. 31st, 2009|06:30 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
So now I have been here an official month and a half...it is still funny.  Going to bars here is the best people watching of all time.  I mean you have these girls who are like SKANKY and GRINDING on the tiniest dance floor.  Then you have the white trash folk...and then white trash FAT folk.  and when I say fat I mean like HUGE!  There are always some gangastas in there flashing their fake stuff and wearing sunglasses in a dark bar.  Just hilarious!

Men's soccer starts on Tuesday and then opens at home on Thursday...I'm kind of nervous but I think it will be okay.  Been very busy at work lately...trying to get as much updated on the Web site as possible before they change over to a new site.  Working on bios, previews, programs, media guide blah blah so many different things.  We launched a facebook and twitter page and everything will soon be in place and it will be worth it!

All the kids are back now...and my internet is a little bit slower, the gym is packed, the RC (building where I work) smells like food, and my shower is not a steady temperature.  Its okay though I like people being on campus.  I'm thinking of getting a meal plan just like 50 meals...that I can use whenever, probably best on weekends and gamedays when I might have to get a late bite.

I love my room its seriously so convenient to live on campus and have everything you need within a 2 minute walk from work.  I hope the water situation get better and that the weekends continue to be well behaved.

I've been working out between 4-6 times a week depending on the week.  I'm going to have to adjust with games coming up and the students being back.  Probably more showers at the Richter center (the student gym) and eating  a little later but smaller dinners.

Besides that nothing new is happening.  Maybe I'll randomly run into a cute junior or senior and magic will happen HAHAHA highly unlikely. 

Things that are happening soon:
Laura coming to visit
My parents coming to visit
Basketball season
Michigan State game
Home for X-mas..time will fly.
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Maybe I'll make this a weekly thing [Aug. 18th, 2009|07:45 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
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[mood |tiredtired]

Quick update on my life...Left Macon, Ga. at the end of June, spent two wonderful weeks at home doing community service for my little charge and spent time with my family.  Unfortunately the weather sucked pretty much the whole time and I lost my tan.  After my two weeks I moved to western New York to take a job at St. Bonaventure University.

So here I am the Assistant Sports Information Director...there are only two "full-time" people in our staff and eight interns. I say full-time because though my position is full-time it does not offer the benefits of such a job.  It is what I have to do at this point in the game though.  The next gig WILL be a full-time position for real.

So now I've been here for a month and I like it...but at the same time...it's weird.  Very very small...but has everything that is necessary aka Wal-Mart tanning and a couple clothing stores.  Been to a couple bars...they are normal small town bars except one doesn't take credit cards and that to me is ALWAYS weird.

I live in dorm on the third floor in an apartment.  It has its own bathroom, kitchen, living room and a separate bedroom.  Its nice and I like it AND most importantly I don't have to pay for it.  So on that note I am saving money and helping my parents pay for things I couldn't before.  Still not everything, but its a lot more.  There are still things I want to do though...so its put a small dent in the money thing.  On top of my budget I'm trying to end each month with $50. and if I have more than that it goes into the savings account.

Work is good.  I like the people.  Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything, but then again I'm pretty sure I was a lot more productive than expected.  Lately I've been able to watch a movie a day..and feel like I'm missing something...Luckily the women's soccer team starts Saturday and I can make sure I do everything right before its my turn the 3rd of September...

That is all for now.  I think this year will be full of less drama than in the past and GOD do I hope so.   Next I just need to find a cuddle buddy...
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Some news. [Feb. 20th, 2009|03:53 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
So I am moving again...third time since July...but just to a new apartment building this time.  I finally broke her and she decided that she wanted to part ways...I won!

So I'm going back into a single bedroom apt...which I am thrilled about, even though its more expensive, but I know it will be worth it.  I think my mental status is more important than anything else.  Mom and Dad are gonna help a little...I think I will be okay though because I cut almost $50 out of my budget to getting new deals on my phone and cable bill.

Electricity is still gonna kill me...I'm not turning on the heat...I will freeze instead.  Lots of blankets.  Its over the pool has an upgraded kitchen and towards the back away from her.  We still have to share the gym I believe...which doesn't bother to me. As long as she pays me I have no care.  Just can't afford to pay her half.

So I'm at indoor championships in Johnson City, Tennessee, and let me tell you...I AM FREEZING...

I am a little bored, but i got to watch Grey's and Private Practice. It is about to get started for the second time though...

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BORED [Feb. 12th, 2009|03:51 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
[Current Location |Georgia]
[mood |boredbored]

Ok so bored at work and the clock is going by slower and slower so I'll post here

Whats new...my dog is crazy and I want her to have a friend, but I'm pretty sure that would be a horrible idea on many levels...but I just get so sad when I see the craigslist posting for a free dog and they look so healthy and loved, but the people just can't handle them...so sad.

Applying for jobs again...this involves full-time, internships and graduate assistantships...I really don't want to go back to school right now, but it may be the best option.  I just hate cover letters that say almost the same thing every time.  My resume is updated and better now I think...we will see.  Just in these times people aren't going to leave their jobs...which means internships and GA positions are about the extent of what I can go after.  I have more qualifications than I did coming out of college, but still not qualified enough to get a REAL position as I call them.

No new guys...there was one but I was not interested as all...Air Force boy fizzled out and that was my fault...National Guard man comes back at the end of the month and is promising to take me on a date...hes a nice guy I'm gonna give him a chance, but he lives a good 30 minutes away I believe, better than mike who was like an hour ninety...Went to Atlanta to see someone that was fun...my v-day celebration I guess...as much as I'm gonna get at least.

Speaking of Valentine's day...besides the fact that I don't like to acknowledge it exists...I'm baking cookies for the office and would really like to omit the roommate from receiving any of them. Maybe my parents or grandparents sent me a card with something spendable inside...I would LOVE to get a pedicure.  I probably have mail and my roommate is stashing it somewhere the dumb bitch.

My weekend will probably consist of the gym, dog park and movies...probably movies in my house though because otherwise I spend money I don't need to spend.  I need to go to the gym Today - Wednesday because I leave thursday for Johnson City, Tenn. for the indoor championships WHOOO HOOOO

Not really. At. All.  Its gonna be a fast couple of days thats for sure because we are driving back here to make the Belmont Mercer men's bball game on Sunday... Then its a week back here and going to Nashville for a week in march.  I'll see my parents there so that's exciting they are taking a mini trip to come see all the exciting action of the A-Sun!!

Alright so I've hit a wall in writing...going to continue to look at things I can't afford and get motivation to get my ass to the gym.
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At Work...Bored [Jan. 26th, 2009|03:57 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
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[Current Location |Macon, GA]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |AOL RADIO]

So again...bored...surprised no. Sucks but I have to vent...because literally going to punch someone if things keep happening.

I'm going to complain a little more. The roommate went out of town on Friday (supposedly a funeral) I call bull shit. Whatever...she was only gone like 48 hours but it was wonderful..then she came back and I couldn't get the hell out of dodge fast enough. So we're in Georgia its starting to warm up a little...its supposed to be 76ish by Thursday...it was not cold last nite...maybe 50 (paradise for Michigan)...I get home from base (another story) the front door light is on, kitchen light and lamp in the living room PLUS the heat is on 75....I don't think she understands thermostats.

More dishes in the sink...so many that in reality NOTHING else could be put in..but I just move them all to one side, making one big smelly pile of dishes. So probably getting a lock for my pantry door (because all the stuff is mine in there) and getting new energy efficient lights so that I don't have to be blinded while watching tv.

Any way enough about her...more about Base..Air Force Base...seeing as Macon sucks...I use craigs list to meet some folk. So far we have turned out well...This guy is in the Air Force...gonna be 22 in March and doesn't get deployed until after I leave Macon...PERFECT arrangement. He lives in Warner Robins which is like 25 minutes away. We went and saw My Bloody Valentine last night...which would be fine if it wasn't in 3-D, but whatever. He's a cute kid and its a casual thing.

Then theres another guy whos in the Army National Guard...26...thinks I'm awesome lol but we haven't met in person..he's been training in Kansas and is returning the weekend...so hopefully on Sunday we are going to hang out. He seems really sweet, but being older I just never know if I am going to feel weird or not.

Final guy just talked to him recently works at home depot, lives in macon, but had to move home because his mom is sick. Very shy it seems and reserved. Does drink, likes to chill you know good things...

So thats all for now. I get to work a TV game on Wednesday and make some MONEY! Which is great because I always need it. Get paid on Friday THANK GOD!...then I just have to wait for the Wicked Witch to give me all of my money...more than $500...because she still owes me some from January which will never happen again. I gave her a bill today like I do every month, but I finished while she was at lunch, so I just laid it on her desk..well I guess I shouldn't have done that. FREAK.

I try to stop worrying about it, but when that is what you have to go home to...its a little hard. I have no problem her thinking I'm a bitch, because at least I'm actually not.

Well 50 minutes left, then tanning, working out, dinner and the couch/bed depending on where she is.
Whooo hoo.

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I haven't posted on this in forever... [Jan. 19th, 2009|09:50 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
I do apologize 100% because this is almost going to be all bitching. Let me start off by saying I graduated in May, and then in July moved to Macon, Ga. It was an okay move and then...they hired another intern...and to save money we moved in together.


I apologize to my roommates in the past, but she is by far the worst person I've ever met. My life and many others would be so much better without her in it.
I am a slob...ask my parents, ex-roommates whatever I know..but over the past year I have really started to grow up and definitely take more pride in my apartment and places where I live. She takes the cake though.

When we moved in I was allowing her to use my dishes seeing as she brought THREE plates with her...I'm not really sure how we thought that was a good idea...any way...after months of seeing my dishes get stained and caked on messes in them I have finally had enough...my dishes are now in my room...the place if she steps foot in shes dead.

Speaking of rooms...she has a lock on hers because a month and a half into living with me she decided that I guess...I was going to steal her stuff...who knows.

She also has drank my water bottles...so I mark those with some sharpies. She always said oh I bought more water, but she kept it in her car..WHO DOES THAT?? I have never eaten anything of hers...dumb bia.

Next we are in Georgia...she turns the heat up to like 80...our thermostat in our 900 sq. ft apt is 80 ...there is no reason for this at all...and then when we get the electricity bill she goes Why is it so high? WHAT THE F***!!! Because heat costs money...put on some sweats and shut the fuck up.

I have the smaller bathroom and room...so I took the hall closet because my bathroom has ZERO storage...I find out that shes been going in there to get my iron, water and who knows what else...Now I'm tempted to find out whether or not I can put a lock on that door.

Another thing..mind you everything in this apartment is basically mine. In the living room its my furniture and my tv with dvd/wii...my dining room table and my microwave, toaster oven, food storage and utensils in the kitchen...so for some reason if some one breaks into our apartment...its my loss...

Anyway I hate her...moral of the story. I'm pretty sure I've never felt this way about any one in my life. I hope she knows that she will be living off her parenst for the rest of her life.

Whooo....all done.
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This is amusing... [Feb. 12th, 2007|10:09 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
Look what happend with shuffle...I think The first day at school and Flashback is perfect and so is my ending credits...pretty pimp!

Opening credits: In the Still of the Night – Boys II Men
Waking up: Perfect – Simple Plan
First day at school: Trashing the Camp –Tarzan
Falling In Love: She thinks his name was John – Reba McEntire
Fighting Song: First Cut – Sheryl Crow
Break up: In My Life – Les Miserables
Prom: Only Hope – Mandy Moore
Life’s Ok: Over my Head – The Fray
Mental Breakdown: After Tonight – Mariah Carey
Driving: If You’re gonna Fly Away – Faith Hill
Flashback: Making memories of us – Keith Urban
Getting Back together: There’s a Hero – Billy Gilman
Wedding: Living in your Letters – Dashboard
Birth of Child: Stand still, Look pretty – The Wreckers
Final Battle: You Get me – Michelle Branch
Death Scene: Fly – Hilary Duff
Funeral Song: Neverending Story Theme Song – New Found Glory
Ending Credits: I dreamed a Dream – Les Miserables
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Memories... [Aug. 2nd, 2006|10:14 am]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
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[Current Location |Work]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |Nada]

So this morning I read Jess McV's away message or MySpace who knows what it was and all I know is that she was a JC this year. I almost started crying. My emotions have been a train wreck anyway, but I seriously miss student council and leadership and CAMP more than anything in the world. I mean I am considered a "leader" on campus, but it can't even compare to what high school was like.

I never thought I would miss high school, but getting ready to start my THIRD year in college, it still seems like yesterday and I think about it a lot. I wish I could have high school, but in a college setting.

Not going to class every day from 7:30-2:20 every day is GREAT...making your own schedule and yet still having sports teams that you don't have to be amazing to make, or being the president of Student Council because you know how to do your job not because you were the coolest kid in the school.

Now it seems that life is becoming more and more monotonous every day and it is actually scary.
More than likely I am graduating a semester early. I don't know how I did it but it works out.

I gotta go do some work so I can get outta here early.
I'll finish this whole think later.
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Oh the monotony [Jul. 27th, 2006|11:23 am]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
So I have now for four days gone to my "internship" as we will call it and then to work from 1-4 aka hell: Cheernastics Camp at Carolina Gymnastics...not exciting.

Good thing is that I have gotten home at 4 every day and then been able to work out and made dinner two days. On Tuesday I honestly felt like I was married...Went to work then the grocery store, made dinner and went and got in my bed around 9ish.


No beach this weekend. I'm weird. Can't be alone with one person for two long. Don't like 10 people all the time. I wish I'd make up my mind.

Looking for a job. Dad said apply at like Wal-Mart or target..and I said NO...Walmart is "beneath" me as in I could be an Asst Manager there in like 3 hours. And Target...well unless I could be a cashier EVERY day...I do not want to work there.

Gymnastics job ends friday...I am still "employed" there technically as I am officially on the SUB LIST! Go me.

Well its off to another day of hell...finished with one part of the day after doing nothing and moving on to the second part which involves trying to get evil children to listen.
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Here I go... [Jun. 17th, 2006|03:51 pm]
Wishing On A Shooting Star..:.::*
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[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |Some movie]

Alright this is gonna be one pissy entry. A lot of bitching and complaining...so here I go.

First of all let me tell you that I am currently still in South Carolina. Chris and I finally ended our STUPID relationship last Wednesday so it's been a little over a week. I have been miserable since it happens. I had a break down on Friday which led to him staying with me because NO ONE was here.
Saturday Celeste (who is back from Hawaii) and I decide to get our asses to the pool and drink A LOT because both of us had just ended our relationships. Well we preceded to get WAY TO DRUNK. Both us remember nothing from 4:00 - 11:00 that night. I had a hangover before the next day..it really sucked. I guess Chris had to take care of me, Eric helped me up the stairs and I puked.

Sunday I bummed around ALL day.

This week has been a complete disaster. I think I ate way to much and spent a lot of money. i went to work an hour and a half early because they didn't tell me the class had been cancelled. Babysat on Thursday instead of working because I made $100 in one night. Then yesterday (Friday) I was taking my quiz when Pat called so I didn't answer, Katie told me he called and I said I know and then she walked out the door, only to call me to tell me my trunk was open...Then I called Pat back after my quiz was done and he tells me Katie and him are on their way to the mall to get Amanda's bday present...DIDNT EVEN FUCKIN ASK ME IF I NEEDED OR WANTED TO GO.
So I said screw it I'm spending today alone and that is exactly what I did.

Got my hair cut extremely short...I think I like it. then I went and ate BY MYSELF at a restaurant. I figured I'd call Pat to apologize for yelling at him and ask him if he wanted to go to a movie in the park. Eric is busy and I dunno what's wrong with him. Amanda had to work in the morning, Katlyn had plans, Katie was at work and even though I'm not allowed to hang out with Chris he was at home for his uncles wedding. So I was left with one person. So I asked if he would go and he said alright
I knew he'd probably be coming over for the braves game DUH because thats the only reason he ever comes over any more.
So I am getting ready to go and he asks if we can just chill here. NEWS FLASH: if i wanted to stay here I would said something. ANOTHER NEWS FLASH...I HATE HATE HATE watching baseball on TV I will watch ANYTHING else FOOTBALL Basketball Soccer Hockey but I HATE WATCHING BASEBALL ON TV.

Anyway so I preceed to the park to watch a movie by myself. Made me miserable to be there everyone was with their friends, family or bf/gfs and here I am ALONE. It was a good movie though and I'm glad I went. Otherwise I would have been sitting home miserable and probably would of gone to bed at 9:30. So anyways if you haven't noticed a pattern...this stuff was ON MY OWN

The next thing I'm going to talk about is how DIRTY our apartment has been. It has not been this disgusting in such a long time. Finally Katie decided to clean because her parents are coming tomorrow, however she did a shitty job because yesterday she went shopping and then watched Dawsons Creek and then worked, today I wake up to Vacuuming and then she runs out the door to work. Once again I picked up garbage, put dishes away and made sure the floors were clean because right now they are sticky and DISGUSTING! Who woulda thought I'm actually the clean one.

Anyway that is my rant. if you want to talk I am here...call or something. I'll be in Michigan on June 30 at like 5ish. Plan with me CANADA, STONY, 4th of July at GMAs I can't wait!
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